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Essential BIM offer premium services to construction industry professionals. We’ve developed a number of methodologies that help streamline design and help our clients deliver a higher quality service to their customers than they had done previously. Helping to improve their designs, speed of delivery and most importantly consistency throughout their data.

Our specialism is laser scanning and producing in depth measured building surveys using Autodesk Revit from point cloud data.

As we encounter many bespoke situations we have become adept at creating our own Revit Content, please browse our Shop for any families which may suit your needs and if you have a particular requirement for a specific Revit family please feel free to contact us and we will be able to help out.

Our Latest Revit Content:

BIM Consultancy

Our services can guide you through the initial stages of adopting a BIM strategy to boost your workflow, Given the new Government Initiatives set to be enforced this year, it is essential that anyone wanting to work on or even tender for public sector projects has to be proficient with BIM to a certain level. We can offer consultancy services that will guide you through the initial set up phases and even offer on going support and training to get you up to an efficient working speed, which you’ll be astonished by if coming from a 2D CAD background.


Our Surveying Services offer cutting edge highly accurate information and are provided by our parent company SolidPoint. We’ve developed on site and in office methodologies that allow us to deliver highly accurate As-Existing or As-Built data sets. By utilising High Definition Surveying we can collect Point Cloud data using various laser scanners that can measure 1 million points per second. We ensure extremely accurate alignment from one cloud to another to improve efficiency when analysing the data and reliability of the given information. From the Point cloud data we can even produce a highly accurate BIM Ready Revit model of the As-Existing or As-Built environment to any Level of Detail (LOD). We ensure that all of the information is produced natively in Revit from bespoke produced fully parametric families to the main system families such as roofs and walls, creating our own content as necessary to achieve the level of detail required. By doing this any intelligence built into the model will be kept when the client works on it through their continued phases.

Baggage Systems Example 1
Coloured Pointcloud of Industrial Site Access

Revit Families

We offer a bespoke Content creation service for manufacturers looking to release their products for use within a BIM environment. This not only allows designers easy use of correct products, but also gives the manufacturer free advertising as it allows the designer to specify their product automatically. Meta data can even be embedded into the content to allow designers and contractors easy access to contact information and even pricing.

Revit families can be great for dressing a scene. It’s extremely difficult to show a client what a room will look like without it being in use in some way. Look at it in a way that a house developer will dress their show homes to give people a sense of what living there would be like, visualisation artists and designers should do the same with their CGI’s. By using good quality families in their projects, a design can be much easier to “sell”

3D Modelling

For people not that interested in BIM but more so in visualisation, we are more than happy to produce 3D models specifically for this purpose, as the process of producing the BIM model involves basic digital 3D modelling skills our technicians are more than capable of producing any kind of 3D digital model you require, whether it’s a simple component or product to a full Building that can be used for CGI or in computer games. We can even couple this service with our 3D Laser scanning services, we can scan anything you’d like to produce a digital version of and convert it to a 3D mesh or parametric model. This can be an excellent source for animation or general CGI

Please feel free to have a look through our site, if you are unsure of anything and want to know if our services can aid you in any way, please feel free to contact us.

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